Timeline of Rhum J.M


Antoine Leroux-Préville purchased the 400 acre estate and sugar refinery from the famous Jesuit priest, Father Pére Lebat. Located at the foot of Mt. Pelée, he gave it his name: 'Fonds-Préville’.


The brand J.M is born, created by Jean-Marie Martin. He bought the sugar factory at Fonds-Préville to convert it to a distillery and make rum under his initials, Rhum J.M.


After some financial difficulties, the distillery is bought by the Crassous de Médeuil family. The two neighboring estates (Fonds-Préville and Bellevue) are united to compose one 400 hectare (nearly 1000 acres) plantation.


Group Bernard Hayot acquires the Rhum J.M distillery and trademark to re-invest in the brand and the property to preserve its status as one of the finest rum brands in the world.


Extensive lengths were taken to convert to a no-waste distillery including a no-exhaust boiler, conversion to 100% reuse of bagasse, and massive lily ponds to neutralize all water waste.